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"Artist of the week" - The Irish Times 
"'People like us' is enthralling and addictive" - The Revue
"Irresistibly arresting pop/rock piece that packs an extremely powerful punch"  - Pure M
"These guys are destined for great things" - Outcast Magazine
"A songwriter with a knack for weaving hauntingly dark material together" - Chordblossom
"With epic Delores Riordan-eque vocals" - BBC Across The Line
"You hear a strong willingness" - Redbull Ireland 
"Susie blue have an alternative twist to their sound and a look that sets them apart" - Chordblossom
"Print it out and stick it on your wall to yellow-fade, so that forever more the cool kids will know you got it first and you got it well" - 4.52am Magazine
"An anthem for the misunderstood, the fringe-dwellers, the night people" - BBC ATL
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